With a Washington Financial Bank Business Line of Credit, you can access cash immediately – no need to re-apply for a loan each time a need arises. Because this is a revolving credit, as principal is re-paid it becomes available to re-borrow. Make funds even easier to access when you request a transfer to your Washington Financial Bank Business Checking account.  Depending upon your specific needs, the business line of credit can be secured by: Account Receivable, Inventory, or other business assets.

Acquire inventory, pay for costs incurred under contract and finance your accounts receivable with a working capital line of credit. As you repay the amount borrowed, the principal once again becomes available to use.

Use a Development Line of Credit to finance residential or commercial real estate development projects. You can cover the hard and soft costs of development as they arise and repay this variable rate loan after you’ve sold some or all of the real estate. You’ll only pay interest on the portion of credit used. Secured by the real estate under development, this is not a revolving line.

Easily access funds when you have the money transferred to your Washington Financial Business Checking Account.