We understand that your unique situation may require more specialized lending options.  Washington Financial Bank offers a suite of Specialty Credit Services to help meet those individualized needs.

Backed by the financial strength and credibility of Washington Financial Bank, our customers can conduct business with suppliers and other third parties by having Washington Financial Bank issue an Irrevocable Letter of Credit.

The Letter of Credit provides a guarantee of payment on large purchases to third parties and can replace the need for an insurance company performance bond.  Established with a loan agreement, the letter is irrevocable and interest accrues only if a payment must be made on your behalf.  Typically, a fee is charged to issue a letter of credit.

Occasionally, a business transaction requires temporary funding until permanent financing is in place.  Washington Financial Bank’s Bridge Loans are designed to help “bridge” the financing gap in these instances.  With competitive rates, our flexible terms are tailored to fit your business.  Our commercial lending experts will help you select the best option for you.