Online Security

While we constantly and proactively work to keep your information secure, following are some recognized best practices you can use to protect your online accounts.

  • Monitor your accounts on a daily basis.  If you notice suspicious transactions or believe your account has been compromised, contact us immediately at 724.222.3120
  • Consider using our Positive Pay and ACH Debit Block solutions to help protect your accounts from check and ACH fraud.
  • Set up email or text alerts so you are notified of your current balance, password changes, large transactions, etc. that impact your account.
  • Use a dedicated, secure workstation for online banking transactions. This workstation should not be used to access web browsing, email, or social media.
  • Never access online banking from an internet café, public library, or non-secured wireless network as they can contain malware that captures your login credentials.
  • Use strong passwords that include upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.
  • Avoid using commonly known information such as birthdays, family names or pet names, and change your passwords frequently.
  • Do not share your login, password, secure token or any other information that allows access to your online banking account.
  • Avoid using automatic login features and do not save passwords on your computer.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended while logged in to online banking.
  • Always secure the computer when not in use or when leaving your desk.
  • Use automatic updates to keep operating systems and anti-virus programs updated with the latest patches and security updates.
  • Require dual approval for funds transfers, including ACH and wire transfers, to not only protect your account from cyber fraud, but also employee fraud.
  • For customers who originate ACH transactions:  keep informed of your responsibilities as outlined in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination Agreement Section 2.9 Methods of Transmission; Security Procedures; Customer’s Responsibility for Controls.
  • Business owners/managers with multiple online banking users should run activity reports for each user and periodically review.
  • Do not click any links or open attachments from suspicious emails.

Trusteer Rapport

Washington Financial Bank provides its customers an advanced security software, that will assist in protecting your online banking credentials from being stolen by criminals.  IBM Security Trusteer Rapport, developed by the online security experts at IBM, creates a tunnel for safe communications between your computer and Washington Financial’s online banking network by protecting your internet connection.  Its purpose is to block malicious attempts to access your online account information.

We are pleased to provide this complimentary addition to enhance online security.

  • How does Trusteer Rapport work to protect your online banking?
    • Trusteer Rapport currently protects tens of millions of users worldwide by removing or blocking existing financial malware from their computers.  It prevents financial malware infections from malicious websites or applications as well as phishing attacks designed to steal your online credentials and data.
  • Trusteer Rapport works in three different ways in the background of your online banking session, making it exceptionally difficult for criminals to access your information:
    • Trusteer Rapport verifies an authentic connection to Washington Financial’s online banking website. 
    • Trusteer Rapport locks down communication between your computer and Washington Financial’s website, which helps to prevent criminals from intruding during your online banking session.
    • Trusteer Rapport protects your computer and internet connection by creating a tunnel for safe communication with Washington Financial.  This secure pathway assists in preventing criminals from using malware to steal your log-in data and tamper with your transaction.
    • Trusteer Rapport is available at no cost for Washington Financial customers and only takes a few minutes to setup.  To take advantage of this increased security, download now.