Debit Card Fraud

A data breach occurs when a criminal accesses cardholder information through a merchant's network or credit card terminal.  While the breach is a result of activity at the merchant location, merchants are not held liable for card fraud.  Instead, card issuers like Washington Financial Bank must absorb all costs, including fraud losses and card replacement costs.

  • At Washington Financial Bank, the security of your personal informaiton is our highest priority and we utilize the strongest, industry-recognized safeguards to protect you.  When we are alerted to areas of potential fraud, we may need to restrict debit card functionality by geographic region.
  • It is essential that you monitor your account activity on a regular basis and report any unfamiliar charges immediately to our operations staff at 724.206.1170.
  • If you will be traveling out of the state of Pennsylvania, please be sure to notify us in advance by calling 724.206.1170.
  • You may also manage your debit card functionality using Card Control within the Washington Financial Bank mobile app.  To learn more about Card Control click here.

If you become a victim of fraud or identity theft, following are the steps to take:

  • Contact us immediately
    • If you notice unfamiliar charges on your Washington Financial Bank account, contact us immediately at 724.206.1170.  We will replace your card and provide new account numbers when necessary.
  • Check your credit report
  • File a fraud alert
    • Open a fraud alert with any of the credit reporting companies listed above.  Newly opened accounts may take several months to appear on a credit report.  Placing a fraud alert will help you monitor changes to your credit profile.
  • Contact law enforcement
    • Law enforcement can provide documentation which verifies to future creditors that you have been a crime victim.
  • Contact the government
    • Several government agencies can help.  The Financial Federal Enforcement Task Force offers advice on submitting potential fraud cases to federal agencies.  The Federal Trade Commission can assist in completing an Identity Theft Report.