Sweep Services

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Make the most of idle funds with an automatic investment sweep. Excess funds in your checking account automatically sweep to an interest earning account at the end of each day. Funds sweep back as needed. You no longer need to manually transfer funds or monitor balances.

With our popular Demand Deposit Marketplace (DDM) Sweep option, you can protect and manage your working capital more efficiently. This unique, fully automated cash management solution provides multi-million dollar FDIC insurance on excess funds. Your money remains completely liquid, earns interest, and is insured — all without the need to manage multiple accounts.

  • Available to business customers with a Washington Financial Bank business checking account
  • Keep your money working for you, automatically
  • Maintain target balances while maximizing interest earnings
  • Receive benefits where you need them the most
  • Designate a target checking balance
  • Excess funds are automatically swept into an interest-bearing investment account
  • Funds are swept back over to your checking should you fall short of your balance